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  • Rubber lagging pulley
  • Rubber lagging pulley
  • Rubber lagging pulley
Rubber lagging pulleyRubber lagging pulleyRubber lagging pulley

Rubber lagging pulley

  • Product description: Jumbo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd is a china top manufacturer of conveyor roller, conveyor idler, conveyor pulley.Our conveyor idlers/pulleys are built for performance and reliability.

Ceramic Lagged Surface Belt Conveyor Snub Drum Pulley

Product Application

We are manufactured as per customer requirement, with main design unfer national standard, quality inspection focusing on shaft core, welded joint, rubber material and hardness, dynamic balance and so on for longer product lifetime.

Our products are widely used in thermal power generation, harbours, cement plants, metallurgy and as well as the light duty conveying devices for industries.

Product name
belt conveyor pulley drum
Transmission drum, Redirection drum, Driving Electric drum
Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Rubber
Surface treatment
Smooth, Diamond grooved lagging, Herringbone lagging, Ceramic lagging
Submerged arc welding
SKF, NTN and other brands at home and abroad
Tube,shaft,self-aligning bearing,bearing seat/house,hub, locking bushing,end disc

Main Features

1) Solid design, suitable for heavy lifting.

2) The bearing housing and steel tube are assembled and welded with a concentric automatic.

3) Cutting of the steel tube and bearing is performed with the use of a digital auto device/machine/equipment..

4) The bearing end is constructed to ensure that the roller shaft and bearing can be firmly connected.

5) Fabrication of the roller is effected by an auto device and 100% tested for its concentricity.

6) Roller and supporting components/materials are manufactured to DIN/ AFNOR/ FEM/ ASTM/ CEMA standard.

7) The casing  is manufactured with highly composite, anti corrosive alloy.

8) The roller is lubricated and free from maintenance.

9) Woring life expectancy is up to 30,000 hours or more, depending on usage.
10)Vacuum sealed which has withstood anti water, salt, snuff, sandstone and dust proof experiments

Our Service

Customized Industrial Polyurethane Coated Conveyor Pulley Drum

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